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May I order prints in volume, are there volume discounts?

Yes, by appointment. Volume discounts are available for multiple purchases of several different prints or multiple copies of a single print. Please email us at with an outline of your needs and we will respond within 48 hours or sooner.

What if I would like a print in a size that is not offered?

UPA Gallery’s model of offering limited editions prints does restrict the availability of different sizes as this would effectively create separate editions. However, such a request will be examined on a per case basis, in close conjunction with the artist and founding members. Changing media can also be considered, again on a per case basis. Please email UPA Gallery at with your requests.

May I use the print I purchase for commercial purposes?

No, a separate commercial agreement and usage rights must be negotiated with UPA Gallery and the artist on an individual basis. However a limited edition print from UPA Gallery may be displayed in a commercial space or public facility at the will of the purchaser. They can not be reproduced by the client. All commercial rights are reserved by the individual artist.

Does UPA Gallery provide framing services?

No, but we or the artists may recommend ideal display conditions and framing/matting/glazing configurations within the item or included in the physical packaging. 

What process is used in the printing production?

The limited edition images offered on the UPA Gallery site are custom printed by the artists with archival materials on a highly modified single platform using Ultrachrome HDR K3 archival inks and custom profiles that have been derived by several years of perfection. The prints are treated with a custom-manufactured over spray to enhance UV stability and protection for abrasiveness (for the hot press bright media). All prints are individually signed, numbered and titled on the immediate outside bottom of the image area. UPA Gallery is closely involved with the Wilhelm research group in terms of print longevity, and within reasonable display conditions, we can therefore offer a solid guarantee of quality with our printing process.

How do you ship the prints?

The artwork is carefully packaged in super heavy duty shipping tubes with a ¼” core and professional end caps, together with waterproof (within reason) archival polypropylene sleeves. In the last 4 years, no shipping problems have occurred with over 40 prints shipped worldwide.

Are all of the images offered by UPA Gallery available for purchase?

Some of the photographic works offered by UPA Gallery are nearing the end of that particular edition. If you want to ensure the availability of an image to you, please purchase as soon as possible. In the event that the last available edition of an image is purchased at almost the same time by two different buyers through the website, the sale will be effective according to the time stamp of the payment with the print awarded to the first timed purchase.

How much will shipping be?

Shipping costs are calculated according to the recipient’s location and the actual weight of the packaged print desired by the client. We use The United States Post Office for all shipping currently. Items are shipped by Priority Mail  Or Priority Express (for the USA) through USPS. Please add a print to your cart and enter your address in the check-out page for an exact shipping cost. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, however the customs and duty arrival fees will be at the expense of the recipient. UPA Gallery is not responsible for the value of duties and/or customs charges and is unable to advise clients on their cost for these charges. Please check with your local customs office and consult regional policies as applicable to you. Prints are shipped via The United States Post Office by Priority Mail International. All items arrive with a customs form attached. The form will be notated with the actual value of the print  and as containing merchandise/retail goods. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Prints are produced, signed by the artist and packaged in an on demand basis. Please allow up to 10 days for this process (usually much quicker) while UPA Gallery confers with the artist for final approval before commencing shipping. The Post Office advises 2-3 days transit time for Priority Mail to the lower 48 states, and Priority Express Mail to the lower 48 States as being overnight. Hawaii, Alaska and other US territories may take a few additional days. The rest of the world will typically see the item arrive in 5-15 days from the date of shipping. 

May I return a print?

While the UPA Gallery does accept returns, we require a 15% restocking fee on any and all returns. Returns are accepted within 14 days from the date of receipt to the recipient. Shipping is nonrefundable, and the purchaser is responsible for the cost of return shipping. 

How do I return a print?

Please email us at if you wish to return a print. Please include your order number, name and shipping address in the email. We will promptly reply with return instructions and our return address. Please retain your original shipping tube to use in conjunction with your return. Returns are expected be sent in the condition they arrived to you in. 

What should I do if I receive a damaged print?

Contact UPA Gallery immediately and we will resolve this problem for you at no cost. Please email us at or call us at 813-421-3304. Please include a digital image of the damaged print/packaging in your email. You will be required to either return the damaged print at no costs to you or show proof of its destruction for our inquiry with the shipping service, and in order to process a refund.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We are able to accept PayPal payment on a special order basis. We ask that you kindly e-mail us at or call us at 813-421-3304. Please contact us with your desired print purchase ready and your PayPal e-mail address. We will send you a direct Paypal invoice for your order. Please remit payment with in 48 hours for your order to process. 

Will I be charged sales tax?

Tax is applicable only for orders shipping to Florida, USA, at the rate of 6%, and additional 1% to recipients within Pasco County, Florida. 

May I print artwork displayed at UPA Gallery?

No, all artwork displayed on the is copyright protected and protected by all applicable copyright laws as established in the USA and worldwide. Any reproduction of the works displayed on without the express permission of UPA Gallery or its direct affiliates is serious violation of copyright law. 


Questions about UPA Gallery and its Interior

What is UPA Gallery?

UPA Gallery is the intellectual and practical collaboration of five emerging artists in the medium of photography, each with very diverse cultural and generational backgrounds. We are fully engaged artists, versed in the fine art world and dedicated to the excellence of the medium. Our mission is to grow the medium of photography as an overall validated art form and to support other emerging artists in their artistic endeavors. UPA Gallery is the shortened name for what is legally The “United Photographic Artists Gallery, L.L.C.”.

How can I contact UPA Gallery?

Our contact page can be found here: CONTACT US

May I speak with the artists represented by UPA Gallery?

Yes, by email through Please also see our CONTACT page.

What does “limited editions” mean?

A precise and limited number of prints from an original photographic work, never to be offered in the same format or size, and in most cases not ever offered as a published piece. 

Are all of the prints available at UPA Gallery Limited Edition?

Yes, and only as limited editions. In addition, all prints offered within UPA Gallery include a certificate of authenticity, and come signed and titled by the artist.

Does UPA Gallery have a physical gallery location?

No, but we may have on-ground gallery launches and exhibitions in diverse markets as required. Sign-up for our Newsletter to be the first to be notified about these events. We are currently based out of the Tampa Bay Area, FL USA, however most of our relations involve web and distance based business. 

How does UPA Gallery select artists is represents?

The founding members of UPA Gallery review all artist applications using a unanimous vote for inclusion in the group. Artists will be encouraged to submit a complete and expanded body of unified work together with a biography, artist statement(s), intent of future direction and a resume or CV establishing a current career status. Each artist’s work will be evaluated according to a strict curatorial procedure, following A.D. Coleman’s precepts. In addition, the intellectual validity of the work, both in terms of form as well as narrative, will also be evaluated in order to establish a market value that is clearly separate from amateur works or clichés that already saturate the market. The last consideration will reside in if the integration of the genres proposed is befitting the overall artistic direction of UPA Gallery’s mission, current visual aesthetic and market position. The door is indeed open for many emerging or established artists, requiring only a superlative excellence of work in the medium, a commitment to offering limited print editions, and a dedication to the artistic value of photography.

How is the artwork chosen for UPA Gallery?

The founding members carefully analyze each and every image submitted to us for display and representation on Each image will be evaluated using an objective curatorial approach, as mandated by A.D. Coleman, the most important art critic of the medium in our modern times. In other words, the founding members of UPA Gallery will always assess any image presented as a limited edition in our website, considering the intellectual and conceptual worth of every piece. This will clearly dismiss any cliché works, amateur images and the vast sea of mundane ‘artistic works’ found on many other sites. We are committed to the excellence of the medium, the search for new concepts and approaches to the medium. We do not condone the status quo of ‘Interesting’ imagery’ as has become widely accepted with the advent of intsta-esque mobile phone snaps, nor do we accept anything else short of brilliance, we are an invested gallery for the purpose of creative advancements and the greater good of Art as Art should be. Our curatorial process is thorough as well as tough, yet needed in the face of an overwhelmingly deluded and lackluster present quality of the medium in the world.

How does UPA Gallery price artwork?

The retail pricing of the artwork offered on is carefully derived by a majority vote from the founding members, as opposed to the random and usually incomprehensible methodology used by other online sites. In other words, each photograph or photographic work will be assessed according to its intrinsic artistic value, the conceptual value of the work and the number of editions offered. The artist’s background and career level are also an integral part of these pricing decisions, together with a sound knowledge of varied geographical market conditions. In that respect, UPA Gallery’s model functions in a similar fashion to a brick and mortar gallery whereby the pricing of the artwork is determined by the gallery rather than the artist and therefore avoids the pitfalls of the usually flawed individual artist driven pricing structures. The retail pricing of the photographs or photographic works offered will be commensurate with market conditions, the value of the work and the exclusivity of UPA Gallery’s own mission.

What type of artwork do you exhibit?

Intellectually and conceptually driven fine art photography and photographically derived works that expresses a message through form or narrative. In other words, the core of the medium in terms of valuable imagery that resonates with the viewer.

Is the artwork exhibited at UPA Gallery a financial investment?

Yes, as all the artists presented by UPA Gallery are emerging and established photographers, on a career path intimately involved in fine art, with a declared and established value to their work.