About The United Photographic Artists Gallery

The United Photographic Artists Gallery, L.L.C. is the intellectual and practical collaboration of three mid-career artists in the medium of photography, each with very diverse cultural and generational backgrounds. We are fully engaged artists, versed in the fine art world and dedicated to the excellence of the medium. Our mission is to grow the medium of photography as an overall validated art form and to support other emerging artists in their artistic endeavors with a solid track record in photographic education (fine art and commercial genres), consulting on many levels, international judging backgrounds and curatorial duties, the founding members of UPAG are committed to supporting our members through dialogues and consultations, the end goal residing firmly into a positive and progressive outlook for all involved.







Mission statement 

The United photographic Artists Gallery, founded in 2013, is committed to the creative advancement and representation of diverse international emerging and mid career artists through our fine art photography gallery. UPAG supports the education and creative progress of our represented artists via our internet platform, as well as on ground exhibits in museums and galleries worldwide.




Principles of UPA Gallery

Cathy Dutertre, CFO, Co-founder

Pierre Dutertre, President, Curator, Co-founder

Erik Cocks, Webmaster, Managing Partner