Corporate Art

UPA Gallery was recently commissioned to decorate the corporate offices of a fortune 500 corporations in Florida, with 30 pieces of photographic art selected from over 100 artworks we submitted to the principles and their employees. After a voting process, the 30 selected images were printed by Pierre Dutertre, framed via our third party vendor and installed by the partners of UPAG. The overall theme was a combination of Florida scenery and inspirational aesthetics and resulted in a very positive appreciation by our customer and their employees who all felt a personal engagement with the entire process.  Although not our first corporate installation, this was one of the easiest and fastest turnarounds we have achieved so far, with less than 3 weeks from the initial meeting to the final install.

UPAG also offers art-leasing terms for a business that wants to have a rotation of artwork every 6 to 12 months. We provide all the framed photographic artworks derived from our growing list of artists, and supply the installation as a complete package, allowing our customers to have a constant rotation of images without having to invest in permanent art. For details, please contact us at: or by phone (813) 431-0440. 


Printing Service

UPAG and Pierre Dutertre have been providing fine art printing for a growing number of emerging and established photographic artists, worldwide, for a number of years. Our process is based on an extensive attention to detail, process, and technology, as well as personal discussions with the artists. The prints are executed on a highly customized wide format Epson Ultra Chrome HDR archival quality printer, using custom profiles that have been refined for each batch of media and with a resolution of 2880 dpi, often with a 16-bit output. The metallic paper media and hot press heavyweight matt media are sourced directly from a manufacturer in Japan and tested for each batch consistency, together with the professional glossy substrate. Each photograph is precisely examined for minor flaws and out of gamut colors, corrected for highlights exceeding the maximum print abilities of the printer and manipulated for an optimum color rendition without changing the original intent of the image. The prints are stored in archival quality sleeves and shipped in large tubes that can resist any of the punishment encountered during transportation. Corrected files are supplied to our customers after the printing process and archived on a secured server for future replications.

For more information, please contact Pierre directly at or by phone at (813) 431-0440.