UPA GALLERY 2015 Workshops

 It is finally here! UPA Gallery’s 2015 calendar of workshops is now available.

 We will be announcing more specific dates and times of each workshop two weeks prior to the class beginning, this will give you time to plan your schedule. Some classes will run with multiple meetings, this will also be announced in advance to which workshops so you can plan accordingly.

 Due to some classes being limited to certain number of students, such as the portfolio reviews, we recommend that you pre-notify us if you are interested in attending any of the workshops, by sending an email to, providing your name and contact information. We will confirm the dates, times and fees of the workshop, responding to you in advance of the class with instructions for registration. For those who pre-notify us, will contact you first with registration instruction, prior to the main announcement is sent for that class.

 All of us here at UPA Gallery are very much looking forward in seeing you in 2015.


Focus On Your Talent:

“Pierre- you have helped my work grow amazingly in the past 5 weeks. At the beginning of the year I decided to focus on the art side of my photography. FOCUS ON YOUR TALENT started that process and I have been able to create some work that has resulted in the sale of many prints. I appreciate the honesty and care that you display to help artists develop and grow. This class more than met my expectations and I look forward to FOCUS ON YOUR TALENT: PART II.” 

Again, I offer my appreciation. – Lisa Fitch “                        3/17/14

“The 5 secession photography course “Focus on Your Talent” can be the vehicle to make significant headway to be a better photographer.  The course is not a “how to use your camera” tutorial, but a guide to improving your photographic vision.  The instructor, Mr. Pierre Dutertre, is a photographer’s photographer with vast experience in this field, from industrial naval, and portraiture photography right on through to fine art photography.  I found Mr. Dutertre to be a skilled instructor who is ready and willing to freely share his extensive knowledge base for the benefit of his students.  I watched as week after week fellow students including myself progressed from general photography to a more defined vision and improved quality of their photography.  The transformation for some of the students work which occurred in such a short time was impressive.  I highly recommend the course for serious photographers wanting to take the next step in their photographic journey.”

Chuck Platz