Artists Reflections 

Dorothee Effring

Monika Ruiz-B

Christine Ghezzo Weiss

Joel Geffen

Maria Chapin


Dorothee Elfring is a German born artist currently residing in Barcelona, Spain, with her husband and two daughters. Currently, she is under extreme restrictions as the pandemic slaughters its way around Spain. Her images reflect a day to day mixture of emotions and reactions to a new frightening reality around what used to be a vibrant community, Catalonian culture and a European vibrant center for the arts. This series will be updated every few days to reflect Dorothee’s ongoing reflections on the impact of a pandemic that will forever change her and the entire world.

” I would have never thought I could live a life on 5000 square feet, which is more or less our apartment centered in a small town nearby Barcelona plus the walking distance radius covering some small Minimarkets, a Pharmacy and some fruit and vegetable stands. The kids are not even allowed to leave the house at all ….  in case your kids are too young to be left alone while doing essential grocery shopping you are strongly advised to get the groceries delivered to your home. Basta! Police is patrolling and ensuring compliance. This is lockdown in Spain in its fourth week ….

My cosmos has gotten very small, I feel like The Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who – after traveling the BIG adult world – is learning about how precious his Astéroïde B 612 is with a Baobab, 3 volcanos, and a beautiful rose …  we have us as a family, a rooftop terrace with a rose, are in good health condition, with a job … we are quite privileged ….

Putting my feet in front of the front door meanwhile feels like walking on raw eggs, I tiptoe quietly, like a ballerina … perceiving every little movement and subtle noise of human existence … which I would have overlooked, overheard before ….

From this awareness and sensitivity my pictures are emanating ……”