Jim Miller

As an artist, Jim is interested in communicating how he feels about a subject as opposed to what he sees through his camera’s lens.  He is also interested in the images and stories created in the mind of the viewer when they see a photograph inviting them to explore worlds they may not have considered before.

Jim is currently exploring the range of emotions experienced by people suffering from aphasia which is an impairment of the brain’s ability to produce or comprehend speech, and the ability to read and write. Most of these injuries to the brain are caused by a stroke. In most cases, a person’s intellect remains intact and there is little outward appearance of a disability.

Many people with aphasia suffer from a multitude of emotional reactions from essentially being trapped inside a brain capable of normal cognition, yet unable to fully communicate with the outside world. Emotional responses include fear, anger, frustration, extreme rage, sadness, depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. These reactions are not limited to aphasia but extend to many other injuries and illnesses.  It is these emotions that Jim is attempting to communicate through his images.