Monika Ruiz-B

Monika Ruiz-B attended the Fine Arts Schools in Boston, and Aix-en-Provence in France.

She is currently living in the south of France. Her artistic practice is eclectic, although

centered on photography. Her work is the reflection of emotions, sensations, is a way of

questioning the world, the time and at the same time herself. Furthermore, her work is based

on concepts such as: border, perception, time, memory, difference. Photography has been a

vector to move towards new ways of expression: in Aquabon, which by a set of images

immersed in water, introduces the concepts of memory and time, or Biodiversity, staging

tragic or humorous animal figurines in a chaotic and hypocritical world. Borders without limits,

where the concept of border is interrogated in its most elementary sense. Her work is

selected to be exhibited at the HeadOn festival, FotografiaEuropea, OFF circuit, the Crossed

Looks and Routes, Aix-en-Provence, The Photographic Encounters of Cassis, Fotonoviembre

International Photography Biennial, Tenerife. From 2017 to 2020 his work is exhibited at the

Florida Museum of Photography, ARTO-RAMA, Rencontres photographs of Casis 3rd edition,

at Der Greif, Guest Room, Downtow Chiado Contemporary Exhibition, Lisbon, Artemesia,

Barcelona, etc. Monika Ruiz-B followed several internships of photography in France and

abroad and collaborate with photographers and artists, such as Johan Gertz, Pep Bonnet,

Eric Bouvet, Jerry Berndt, Wilfredo Chiesa and Jean Luc Fournier.

Laureate of the price Ilford 97,

Laureate of the Festival, Voies OFF, Arles 1997

Laureate of the Festival Fotografia Europea (Third place) 2015