Blake Yeager

Blake is a photographer and musician born in Colorado, raised in Minnesota and now residing in Tampa Florida. Born into an extended family of artists, musicians, actors and authors, he has found himself in a seemingly inescapable life and career in the arts. His deep love for photography was ignited as touring musician and avid traveller, finding new purpose, company and a passive connection with the world.

He now works as a commercial and fine art photographer out of Tampa Bay, focusing on architecture, portrait and travel. Most of his work is a hybrid of film, which he processes in house, and any and all available digitizing.

“I love the unpredictability of vintage cameras and film. One of the things that drives my art, and my life, is unpredictability and letting go. I believe we have to leave some room in the process for some type of outside intervention. I love to be surprised, confused and scared by my own work. I hope to be sentimental some day to someone, to be included in the keep pile. Photography has given me a new and seemingly more effective way to speak from my heart when my voice fails me.”