Piero Leonardi

Piero Leonardi

Piero Leonardi lives in Monterotondo – in the province of Rome – where he was born in 1957. From the year 1981, Piero senses the value of an upstream kind of photography and undertakes his own artistic path marked by experimentation soon after the many frequent conversations with master Tazio Secchiaroli.

His artistic debut was marked by a busy cooperation with sculptors Attardi, Manzù, Martinez and Berrocal, whose works Leonardi documents and interprets by showing a personal interest in scanning through the material used as well as the plastic forms achieved.

The following years, he focuses on a photographic research based on cenceptual issues as well as on a busy writing activity and editorial cooperation.

He eventually elaborates the fundamental principles of his epistemology of the photographic operation: Calligrafia Fotografica® (translated as Photographic Calligraphy or Photo Printigraphy), Stile di Vista® (translated as Style Sight) and

“Perceptive Photography” on which he developed and launched a newborn didactic format in the year 2006. He now keeps on being a qualified teacher so as to share his ideas and to lead his students to work out their own visual writing and his overall approach to photography has been turned into a didactic model in some colleges in the USA. He has joined several exhibitions – both collective and solo ones – in Italy as well as abroad.

He has published various written works, not just about his photographic researches. He has cooperated with the Italian magazine Fotografare and with the historical now out-of-print magazine Fotocine80. Also, he was among the editors of the USA webmagazine ApogeePhoto.

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