Sophie Patry

I work in movement which gives me direct effects when shooting… I let myself be guided by my feelings and my emotions. My work is a reflection of my perception of the world. Landscapes, silhouettes and self-portraits that oscillate between dream and reality, would be free to everyone’s imagination”.

Since the end of 2014, I have exhibited in France and abroad (Germany, Belgium, Reunion Island, Iran, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland). Since 2015, various collaborations with online and paper magazines : Daïmon, TK-21 for n° 50 and 100, L’Ampoule, Les Impromptus, le Litt’Orale, Or Norme, France Photographie, Incertain Regard.

End of 2015, self-edition of my book on my self-portraits ” Autotherapy “.

In 2016, edition of my book ” Corpus Natura ” by Jacques Flament Editions.

In 2019, residences in Champion and Wépion in Belgium with the ” Lieux Communs ”

In 2019, one of my photos from my “People” series presented by the Adaïs Association is second in the ” Géant des Beaux-Arts ” Competition. Invited to exhibit at ” Art Capital ” at the ” Grand Palais ” in Paris in February 2020.