Maria Chapin

Embedded in my past, in my experiences and probably also in my genes, is a deep connection with nature. Everything about our planet, especially seas and shores, brings me joy and exuberance as well as calmness and peace.

Creating an abstract image to express the sights, sounds and feelings nature provokes in me, leads to finding and capturing natural shapes along with their various colors, such as yellow for warmth, red for passion, green and blue for calm and peace, black and white for shadow and brightness, blur for touch and motion.

My abstract images reflect how nature has inspired me. Those same images are intended to prompt feelings and responses in those who view them. This ultimately resonates with the idea that though we are all very distinct individuals, when we see these different shapes, colors, and patterns, they can initiate responses of warmth, tranquility, excitement, and peace, which we all share as part of our human experience.