Guillermo De Angelis

“After doing architecture, design and philosophy I dove into photography. With the sort of enthusiasm that drives you to move forward, or better still, inwards. Hoping to discover within, rather than outside myself, what I am trying to show. I choose to take pictures not prepared. I try to get the expression through the economy of resources. Focusing on the details that strike me as essential. Suggesting clearly, presenting without describing.”

Guillermo De Angelis / CV

Birth: 1974
2001 – 2002 UNR Philosophy, National University of Rosario.
1997 – 2000 Graphic Design – Interior Design Institute CEPEC. Rosario.
1993 – 1996 Architecture UNR, National University of Rosario (1st full cycle)


• Solo exhibition at Galerie LIK, (Vienna, Austria).
• Solo exhibition at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).
• Solo exhibition at Gallery Ind., (Nara, Japan).
• Solo exhibition at the old atelier of Japanese sculptor Ryumon Yasuda (Osaka, Japan).
• Group exhibition MM Grand Hotel (Puebla, México).
• Finalist Photography Award 2017 Vila Casas Foundation (Barcelona)

• Solo exhibition at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).
• Solo exhibition at Gallery Ind. (Nara, Japan. With the support of Argentina Embassy in Japan).
• Solo exhibition at Art Gallery Fotogalería Diseño UNVM (Córdoba, Argentina)
• Group exhibitions at Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (Tampa, Florida).
• Group exhibitions at The Studio@620 (St. Petersburg, Florida).
• Group exhibitions “Raíces argentinas” at the Argentine Consulate in Barcelona.

• Invited to participate in Art Monaco 2015.
• Solo exhibition at Gallery Ind., (Nara, Japan. Support of Argentina Embassy in Japan).
• Group exhibitions Annual Photography Showcase (St Petersburg, Florida).
• Artist at Orange Alloy (New York).
• Group exhibitions “Clandestinos” at Cero Gallery (Puebla, México).
• Group exhibitions “Augurio” at Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery (Barcelona, Spain).
• Group exhibitions “Interrogantes” at, French alliance program (Puebla, México).
• Participation in the art fair Arte Salta 2015 (Argentina).

2011 – 2014
• Artist at Soho Myriad Gallery (Atlanta, Los Ángeles).
• Artist at Tint-Art Gallery (London).
• Participation at Ars Lux Photo Gallery (Argentina).
• Exhibitions in “Sol Victoria Galleries” (Victoria, Argentina).
• Participation in Artesalta: 8th Art Shows (Salta, Argentina).



Luis Eduardo Aute: (Manila, 1943) Musician, singer, film director, actor, sculptor, writer, painter and Spanish poet. 
“It is assumed that the greatest contribution you can make as an artist, taking the reality lived in perspective, is your personal “view” radically poetic in the scenery of spaces, absent of people. In this sense, the photographic work of Guillermo de Angelis is paradigmatic. The camera lens is pure subjectivity in terms of that his “view” is the conceptual and essential character of his poetic account about the “unreal”, as it should be, and as should do a visual poet.” Cristina Requena: Art consultant and director of Artemisia , Art & Tendències’ Art Gallery.  “(…) Special attention deserve the names with which Guillermo De Angelis entitles each of his works. It is there, right in that detail, when I realize that the artist leaves no reason at random. And under the appearance of a bucolic and poetic picture where the viewer is able to play and feel freely, there is the meticulous work of a photographer in the relentless pursuit of beauty.”

Takuma Yoshikura: Director of GALLERY IND. gallery representative in Japan.
“In the tradition of Haiku, a type of traditional Japanese poem, we can catch a glimpse of reality and truth just in the limited words with the framework of five, seven, and five syllables. If we don’t doubt that art is a struggle to present the unity between the concrete and the abstract, we can find a number of excellent examples in haikus. If you want to seek for the harmony between the physical and the metaphysical, I recommend you should enter the world of Guillermo De Angelis.”

Pierre Dutertre: President, creator and co-founder in United Photographic Artists Gallery, Tampa, USA.
“Guillermo is one of the most engaged and productive artist I have ever had the pleasure to connect with via the ubiquitous format of the internet. Guillermo IS our primary artist through our gallery, constantly producing ever more stunning work, always engaged and ready to take artistic risks, ready to continue with his personal vision that is emotionally powerful. I often feel disconnected with Guillermo, but only due to geographical and language barriers. We have spoken many times, and neither of us could understand what we were saying, yet we are in tune with the magical realm of fine art photography, Guillermo’s vision is magical, it cannot be ignored. It is a great privilege to support Guillermo’s work through our humble efforts, it is our gift from him to us, his inspiring art and persistent vision.”

Monica M. Gioeli: Art Design Product Service, Studio 33 Design Concepts Architectural Design.
“Who are you, If you asked if I’ve personally met Guillermo De Angelis, the answer is no. If you were to ask if I know Guillermo my reply would be perhaps differently than most. Often I’ve wondered when I view his photography are others just as emotionally moved with his subjects? Are you paying attention to this depth accepting the emotions of isolation and details of focus? The absence and stillness? I imagine Guillermo walking solo, quietly looking searching, continually reaching as we have discussed. His power is in his passion of each piece produced.”

Mona Youssef, B.F.A.: Canadian Fine Artist, Mona Youssef Gallery.
“Having worked as an architect, designer, and design and studied philosophy, Guillermo De Angelis immersed himself into photography and discovered that was his primary passion where his viewers could tell immediately this fact. His enthusiasm and profound interest in photography is clearly transparent to his fans and is his main force of energy renewed each day that drives him to create extraordinary artwork. Guillermo De Angelis is discovering the within while focusing on details that touch him to get the expression through the economy of resources. His expressive photos purely speak loudly to the souls and need no further explanation. Guillermo De Angelis has exhibited worldwide and continued his passion to expand himself and keep on producing inventive body of work impressing his fans and collectors.”


Photobook “Small inner landscapes”.
Editado por Artemisia, Art & Tendències.
Video presentación:

Book “Nicèphore”, 10 photographers around the world.
Edit by Corridor Elephant (France).

Digital book “La ausencia y la fotografía”
Edit by Bex Magazine Fotografia (Argentina)
Bex – Magazine (Argentina)


SPAIN, Barcelona
Artemisia, Art & Tendències Gallery

ITALY, Venice
Pisarro Gallery

Gallery Ind.

MÉXICO, Puebla
Cero Gallery

USA, Florida
UPA Gallery

Corridor Elephant



2018 (upcoming)
• Workshop “the intention in the act of photographing” in the photography school ITES imatge i so (Barcelona).

• Workshop “the intention in the act of photographing” in the photography school LIK (Viena, Austria).
• Presentation about artistic photography in the art gallery Artemisia, Art & Tendències (Barcelona).
• Photowalk in the art gallery Artemisia, Art & Tendències (Barcelona).
• Photography classes Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona (Barcelona).

• Presentation about artistic photography in the art gallery Artemisia, Art & Tendències (Barcelona).
• Photowalk in the city of Rosario (Rosario, Argentina).


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