Christine Ghezzo Weiss

Christine Ghezzo is a self-taught photographer originally from Queens, NYC who now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. Over the past few years, Christine has shifted from street photography to photographing natural landscapes and elements. She also creates collaged creatures from stones, sticks and flowers. Her focus on nature goes hand in hand with her spirituality, which is earth based and in celebration of Pachamama and the many aspects of Goddess worship. The Dreamscape series is a celebration of the trees and natural landscapes of Florida. Photographed in local parks and preserves, it represents glimpses of beauty and magic which exist in close proximity of urban life. The collaged creatures are made with natural elements collected on local hikes and walks, which are intended to bring the viewer a child-like joy and wonder. It is an expression of free flow imagination in collaboration with nature. The “Rooted” series is symbolic of a return to the arms and the womb of Mother Earth. Feeling her grounding energy, giving thanks for her abundance, and emerging renewed. 

 Most of Christine’s photos are taken and edited with an iPhone, making her process very flexible and immediate. This process is in alignment with her intention to have a sense of spontaneity, vitality and simplicity in her images.