Painting versus photography, an ongoing polemic from the views of a so-called art critic

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An article I found today, this one will get things going for sure. Read it first, take a breath and understand that critics and writers are often failed artists who resent the art world, or anyone creating art, because they can’t themselves.

Monsieur Jones decries the death of photography as an art form, not unlike the 19th century art elite of the time, nothing new here. I guess Mr. Jones has a gig with the Guardian newspaper, as perhaps another dying form of communication not unlike his lame rhetoric. A quick search of Jonathan Jones reveals that he is firmly in lust with the art of painting, particularly with the Italian Renaissance and nothing else really matters, perhaps an obsession that could be remedied with a variety of chemicals, or better still an exile into the digital world of the Japanese sub-culture.  

Having said that, his premise still resonates with many viewers and the ultimate art elite. The medium of painting still holds onto its status as the most worthy form of art, as a decrepit mansion in need of much repairs, just Google painting and you will see their current demise, the fall of a great empire that was first conquered by photography and now the digital world in its many forms.  

Do you think that the medium of photography will ever gain the recognition it deserves, as an independent art form? Is the connected world of white noise going to simply dismiss painting in the future?

Does he have a valid point, the extreme forms of photography that simply puzzle the public, or is he a repressed writer who is in need of a good drink and perhaps a good relationship?