Press release

UPA Gallery represented artist Gary Beeber was selected to exhibit at the Griffen Museum with his Personalities Exhibition.  The exhibition runs through Sept. 1, 2017.

He was also featured in the Boston Globe article covering the exhibition.  Gary Beeber’s background and inspirations are discussed in the piece.

In Beeber’s exhibition the viewer is introduced to Mona Marlowe a NYC trans-gender nightlife personality. Beeber says, “Mona sacrificed everything in order to become the femme fatale she always wanted to be.” He continues, “When I photographed Mona I remember how intensely the room smelled of perfume.” Other personalities in Beeber’s ensemble include Steve D., a red blooded American with a very strong point of view. Jimmy Mack is another unconventional fellow who Beeber met at a Polar Bear plunge when Mack to raise money for charity arrived in a mermaid costume. Scott Baker (The Twisted Shockmeister), Bettina May (International Burlesque Star), Shelly Watson(the Sinking Siren), Early Ross (late-night host), Mss Vee (late night entertainer), and David Slater (Collage Artist) join the other personalities on the walls of the Griffin Gallery.


See the article here:

Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Road, Winchester, through Sept. 1. 781-729-1158,


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