Scott Bolendz

Scott Bolendz is an award-winning fine art photographer living in the Tampa Bay area.  Using intellectually-driven, concept-based projects, he creates emotionally expressive images of physical environments infused with an intensely personal vision — a vision of both beauty and disquiet. 

Bolendz is a survivor of a rare childhood disease.  This disruptive experience early in his life has been a source of insight and inspiration for him.  As an artist, he’s drawn to darkly atmospheric places that speak directly to his own brooding sense of existential vulnerability.  Memory, personal history and self-identity shape his photographic engagement with the external world – a world in which the fragility of life, mortality and the impermanence of all things looms large for him.  

Bolendz’s photographs have been exhibited both nationally and internationally, including the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Black Box Gallery, PhotoPlace Gallery, Darkroom Gallery, Artemesia Art & Tendencies, Praxis Gallery and Photographic Art Center, and A. Smith Gallery.  His work has been honored by the International Photography Awards, International Color Awards, Black and White Spider Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris and the ND Photography Awards.  He is a photography instructor and advisory board member at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa.