Muffy Sadler

Photographer and artist Muffy Sadler was born and raised in the Midwest. To Muffy, the heartland of America became a source of long-term inspiration, leading to beautiful and imaginative work stemming from the often overlooked. Upon graduating high school, she attended college in New York.

Shortly after receiving her bachelor’s degree Muffy decided to further her education in a field that had always been a constant outlet in her life; photography. This lead her to the Florida Gulf Coast where she attended art school and gained her degree in Professional Photography. There, she earned numerous honors and awards, and was also named summa cum laude of her class.

Photography has always been a gratifying medium of expression for Muffy, rewarding her with peace and tranquility. Her passion of the outdoors and sense of wanderlust have made the common theme of water a literal and figurative point of reflection in her imagery. Through her photographs, one is able to share Muffy’s unique perspective on environmental and natural wonders exemplifying the beauty in her surroundings granting them the eternity they deserve.